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Season Wish-list!

Season Wish-list!

So the holiday season is officially here. Christmas is right around the corner! So with that being said what would you find on our Christmas wish list?


  • Sweaters…. sweaters…. and some more sweaters! The cold is finally here so it is sweater season. A cute sweater or two…. or three…. or maybe four are definitely a must!
  • Boots!!! With everything. Period. You really can’t go wrong with boots. Boots can be pulled off with pretty much every single look, plus they keep your feet warm.
  • Snug leggings – those thicker leggings. Still look good and stay warm at the same time!!
  • Socks. Socks for and with everything! You can never have too many socks!


It’s literally all about looking good and staying warm!! What is on your holiday wish-list?

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